C-Flo Tackles Las Vegas

“Vegas means comedy, tragedy, happiness and sadness all at the same time.”

–Artie Lange

It’s the centre of the universe in the middle of nowhere. It exists where life should not, yet many come here so they may feel alive.

Vegas is whatever you make it. You don’t have to do drugs (but you can). You don’t have to gamble (but you should). You can be whoever you want to be, and do whatever you want to do. You can excuse things you wouldn’t forgive yourself for anywhere else, because it’s Vegas. It is an exception; a different plane of existence; an oasis of fantasy insulated from a desert of reality. It is an alternate dimension where you turned out slightly differently than you did in our home continuum.

Vegas is a child, the youngest of ten or twelve children, mischievous and enthusiastic. He gets away with murder, literally, but isn’t so much breaking the rules as making them up as he goes along.

Like the most beautiful women, Vegas is captivating, mesmerizing and addictive. She infuses every moment with a twinge of destiny. Every exchange feels important, or even epic. She can screw you in every way imaginable.

Vegas is a microcosm of humanity; a petri dish of desire. It is proof that we all want to enjoy sunny weather and flashing lights and experimentation and aesthetic perfection. We want to get away from it all but have more than we ever dreamed of. We crave exquisite food and impeccable service, encapsulated in transcendent ambience, surrounded by beautiful people. We choose to enjoy, to partake, to connect, to satiate.

It is a suspension of real life, yet it’s what your life has been building to. It’s Vaudeville meets the Jetsons, Sinatra meets Bugsy, Utopia meets dystopia.

From the top of the mighty Stratosphere, or the Rio’s ambient Voodoo Lounge, Vegas looks like it covers the entire planet. It only reinforces your recently-acquired attitude that this, this is the way life should be: A libertarian celebration of public imbibing and private touch for sale. You can never get quite as high or feel quite as low as in the midst of these hills. It is the way the rest of the world should, but never could, be.

You’ll be back.